Orthodontics envisages the merging of biology with technology creating the harmonious face by the movement of teeth and or the modulation of growth & or orthognathic surgery.

The hoary tradition of excellence is propagated with the imparting & practice of sound basics ,so that the student can handle ‘REMOVABLE PLATE ‘ or sophisticated ‘ INVISIBLE BRACES’ from the preventive to the corrective integrating specialized surgical procedure and from treating growing children to adults.

The credo of selecting the appropriate appliance or treatment modality foe a patient rather than straight jacketing patients for an appropriate system is adhered to.

The rich experience of an erudite faculty supported by auxiliary dental personnel is the ‘jewel in the crown ‘of the department & is its greatest asset.

Dr Rabindra Nayak Professor & HOD MDS
Dr Azam Pasha Professor MDS
Dr Vinay K Reader MDS
Dr Anjali Narayan Reader MDS
Dr Chaitra K R Senior Lecturer MDS
Dr.Vagdevi Reader
Dr.Smitha. V. Shetty Lecturer
Dr.Sindhu Lecturer

Pedodontics & Preventive Dentistry

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Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics

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Public Health Dentistry

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