Treatment of infra bony osseous defects using Bio-oss

This is the case summary of a 36 year old male patient who reported to the Department of Periodontics complaining of bleeding gums.

On clinical and radiographic examination, deep infrabony defects were detected with probing attachment loss upto 12 mm.

Raised flap showing the defect         Bio-Oss grafted into the defect

treat treat1

Following initial preparation and re-evaluation, flap surgery was performed. The defects were grafted with Bio-Oss (natural porous bone mineral of bovine origin).

Pre-treatment radiograph                    Post-treatment radiograph
showing the infrabony defect           showing increase in bone height

perioc3 perioc4

Evaluation after six months showed a gain in attachment level of 4 mm. Radiographically, there was significant bone fill.

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