The speciality of Oral and Maxilofacial Surgery encompasses procedures such as

-Dentoalveolar surgery : extraction of impacted teeth, preprosthetic surgery, placement of dental implants to replace missing teeth.

-Surgery for treatment of benign and malignant lesions of the jaws and reconstruction of the defect

-Cranio maxillofacial trauma i.e. treatment of fractures of facial skeleton

- Correction of cleft lip and palate

-Cosmetic Surgery of jaws (Orthognathic surgery), nose (rhinoplasy), ears (otoplasty),eyelids(blepharoplasty)

- Treatment of disorders of the temporomandibular region i.e. jaw joint.

- Full mouth rehabilitation using dental implants.

The Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery consists of an Exodontia section, Minor OT, Major OT

and Implant section.

Exodontia Section

IT has 25 dental chairs where the extraction of teeth is performed by the under graduate students under the guidance of the staff.

Minor OT

Here dentoalveolar surgical procedures are performed like the removal of the impacted teeth, trasalveolar extraction, biopsy,preprosthetic surgery and other minor surgical procedures.

Major OT

It has the best equipment which includes an OT light with camera connected to a LED monitor, latest anesthetic machine with ventilator and all necessary armamentarium to perform various surgical procedures under general anesthesia. It has well planned separate enclosures for scrubbing, sterilization of instruments and changing.

In the major OT complex are also the male and female wards and an ICU with all required facilities for post operative care of the patients.

The department has a seminar room with a library to conduct discussions and case presentations with the Post graduate students.


Dr. Anuradha Navaneetham .M Prof. & HOD
Dr. Sashikala. R Professor
Dr. Satish Kumaran. S Reader
Dr.Maqueet Baig Reader
Dr. Bindu Ramesh Reader
Dr. Manjunatha. G.S Reader
Dr.Arathi Rao. K Lecturer
Dr.Sarath. J Kodlipet Lecturer


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